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Why Metal Roofing Is A Good Choice For Tacoma WA

Metal Roofing In Tacoma WA

Roofers Tacoma Wa
Homeowners are always curious about metal roofing in Tacoma Wa. Everyone thinks its a great idea, they like the look and especially the thought of not having to re-roof again for 50+ years. Unfortunately most people see the price tag and then immediately think its not worth it.

The Price Of Metal Roofing In Tacoma WA

A good average price for a composition roof in Tacoma WA is around $350-500 dollars per sq. That is for a 1 layer tear-off on a roof with slope that is walk-able with an architectural laminate shingle. A metal roof can range from $600-$900 per square depending on pitch and the type of material you select.

Lets apply that equation to a 25 square job or 2,500 square feet of roofing, which is the average size of a roof. For a composition roof of that size with the above mentioned conditions you are looking at paying $8,750-12,000. For a metal roof the price range will be from $15,000-22,500. That's where most people write off a metal roof in Tacoma.

Roof Life And Frequency Of Roof Replacement

There is another factor in this equation that most people do not consider. Most architectural laminate roofs last 17-23 years depending on how well they are maintained. A new metal roof lasts 50+ years. If you plan on living in your home and keeping it in the family you will replace a composition roof 3 times before having to do anything with your metal roof. Now your job costs looks a little different doesn't it. In a 50 year span you are now looking at $27,000-36,000 for your laminate shingles and the hassle of replacing your roof numerous times.

A new metal roof in Tacoma is a great investment into your home which raises its value and can lower your insurance rates. If you are interested in a new metal roof call 253-445-8950. Chase Construction North West, Inc has been providing certified quality roofing services in Tacoma for 12 years with 20+ years of experience.

For more information about metal roofing visit our metal roofing information on our website.

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