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What Is EPDM Roofing Membrane

EPDM Roofing Membranes

There are many flat roofing or low slope roofing solutions. One of the more popular choices in today's market is the EPDM memberane. EPDM stands for ethelene propylene diene monomer, which is a rubber product. There are several manufacturers that produce EPDM such as GAF and Versico. Here are some of the facts and information about Versico EPDM membranes and systems. 

  • EPDM is comprised of a polyester reinforcement sandwiched between two layers of rubber. 
  • It is available in .45, .60 and .75 mil thicknesses. 
  • Designed for high traffic roof tops such as schools and hospitals. 
  • Versico's brand comes with QAT Seam Technology which is quick applied tape. This makes installation much faster and more effective. 
  • QAT quick tape has been known to reduce seaming time by 75%. It also reduces seam failure by providing 30% stronger peel strength and 32% stronger than most other seam tapes on the market. 
  • The polyester reinforcement in between the layers of EPDM rubber more than doubles the puncture resistant strength compared to non-reinforced membranes. 
  • Versicos EPDM membranes can be installed as a complete roofing system and qualify for a 20 year NDL "no dollar limit" warranty.
  • They can be installed by either mechanically fastening the membrane with screws and plates or by fully adhering (gluing) the membrane with special bonding adhesive. In order to qualify for the NDL system warranty DASH DC bonding adhesive must be used. In order to qualify for a no dollar limit warranty your system must be installed by a Versico approved roofing contractor.
  • Fully adhered systems can be warranted against wind resistance up to 120 mph. Mechanically attached systems can carry a 100 mph wind resistance warranty. 
For more in depth information please read the below excerpt from Wikipedia. You can also see Versicos EPDM page on their website at

EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) rubber),[1][2][3] a type of synthetic rubber, is an elastomer which is characterized by a wide range of applications. The E refers to ethylene, P to propylene, D to diene and M refers to its classification in ASTM standard D-1418. The M class includes rubbers having a saturated chain of the polymethylene type. Dienes currently used in the manufacture of EPDM rubbers are dicyclopentadiene (DCPD), ethylidene norbornene (ENB), and vinyl norbornene (VNB). EPDM rubber is closely related to ethylene propylene rubber (ethylene propylene rubber is a copolymer of ethylene and propylene whereas EPDM rubber is a terpolymer of ethylene, propylene and a diene-component).
A roll of EPDM foil, used for waterproofing roofs
The ethylene content is around 45% to 75%. The higher the ethylene content the higher the loading possibilities of the polymer, better mixing and extrusion. Peroxide curing these polymers gives a higher crosslink density compared with their amorphous counterpart. The amorphous polymer are also excellent in processing. This is very much influenced by their molecular structure. The dienes, typically comprising from 2.5% up to 12% by weight of the composition, serve as crosslinks when curing with sulphur and resin, with peroxide cures the diene (or third monomer) functions as a coagent, which provide resistance to unwanted tackiness, creep or flow during end use.
EPDM exhibits satisfactory compatibility with fireproof hydraulic fluids, ketones, hot and cold water, and alkalis, and unsatisfactory compatibility with most oils, gasoline, kerosene, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, halogenated solvents and concentrated acids.
The main properties of EPDM are its outstanding heat, ozone and weather resistance. The resistance to polar substances and steam are also good. It has excellent electrical insulating properties. It has good resistance to ketones, ordinary diluted acids and alkalines.
Typical properties of EPDM vulcanizates are given below. EPDM can be compounded to meet specific properties to a limit depending first on the EPDM polymers available, then the processing and curing method(s) employed. EPDMs are available in a range of molecular weights (indicated in terms of Mooney viscosity ML(1+4) at 125 °C), varying levels of ethylene, third monomer and oil content.
Mechanical properties of EPDM

Hardness, Shore A
Tensile failure stress, ultimate
25 MPa
Elongation after fracture in %
≥ 300%
Can be compounded from 0.90 to >2.00 g/cm3

Thermal properties of EPDM
160 ┬Ám/m·K
Maximum service temperature[5]
150 °C
Minimum service temperature[5]
−50 °C
−54 °C
An EPDM rubber roof
EPDM rubber is used in seals (for example it is used in cold-room doors since it's an insulator, as well as in the face seals of industrial respirators in automotive paint spray environments, where silicone must be avoided). EPDM is also used in glass-run channels, radiators, garden and appliance hose, tubing, pond liners, washers, belts, electrical insulation, vibrators, O-rings, solar panel heat collectors and speaker cone surrounds. It is also used as a medium for water resistance in electrical cable-jointing, roofing membranes (since it does not pollute the run-off rainwater, which is of vital importance for rainwater harvesting), geomembranes, rubber mechanical goods, plastic impact modification, thermoplastic, vulcanizates, and many other applications.[6][7] Colored EPDM granules are mixed with polyurethane binders and troweled or sprayed onto concrete, asphalt, screenings, interlocking brick, wood etc. to create a non-slip, soft, porous safety surface for wet-deck areas such as pool decks and as safety surfacing under playground play equipment (designed to help lessen fall injury).
The most common use however is probably in vehicles. It is used in door seals, window seals, trunk seals, and sometimes hood seals. Frequently these seals are the source of noise due to movement of the door against the car body and the resulting friction between the EPDM rubber and the mating surface (car painted sheet metal or glass). This can be alleviated using specialty coatings that are applied at the time of manufacture of the weather seal. Such coatings can also greatly increase the chemical resistance of EPDM rubber. Some vehicle manufacturers also recommend a light application of silicone dielectric grease to weatherstripping to reduce noise. Other uses in vehicles include cooling system circuit hoses where water pumps, thermostats, EGR valves, EGR coolers, heaters, oil coolers, radiators and degas bottles are connected with EPDM hoses; as well as charge air tubing on turbo charged engines to connect the cold side of the charge air cooler (intercooler) to the intake manifold.
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2.      Jump up ^ Green, Mark M.; Wittcoff, Harold A. (July 2003). Organic Chemistry Principles and Industrial Practice. Weinheim, Germany: Wiley. p. 170. ISBN 978-3-527-30289-5. "In addition to natural rubber, many synthetic rubbers…such as…ethylene-propylene-diene monomer rubber…"
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Keys To Choosing A Quality Concrete Contractor

Choosing A Quality Concrete Contractor

Boise Concrete Contractor Foundations
The foundation is the most important aspect of your building. If the foundation is not right the rest of the building will incorrect. When it comes to concrete you really need to be careful in selecting your contractor. Some trades are easy to correct if something goes wrong but concrete is meant to be permanent. Here are a few tips to selecting a great concrete contractor. 

Steps To Selecting A Good Contractor

  • Do you home work. You should ask friends and family if they have used a local contractor that performed a quality job for them. 
  • Search for a contractor via the Internet. Any contractor that can invest into a strong Internet presence has a level of credibility. You can do a search like "concrete contractor Boise" and you will get a list of local Boise contractors. 
  • Next type in each contractors name + reviews and get an overview of what others have said about them. 
  • Narrow your search down to 3-5 companies you feel comfortable with and receive an estimate from them. 
  • Dont choose based on price alone! This is a mistake a lot of people make not realizing that a super low price is often leaving out quality ingredients that produce a quality product. Typically lower prices are offered by contractors with less experience as a way to win over a customer. A balance between price and quality should be struck to get the best job. 

After your job is completed to your satisfaction make sure you get online and give your contractor a great review. 

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Presidential Style Shingles

Key-cut Presidential Style Roofing Shingles

Presidential style roofing shingles have long been the crown of glory on homes across America. They are twice as thick as standard architectural laminate shingles and have a very unique architectural design. Not only do they have an incredible aesthetic quality they are like armor on your roof. These thick tri-laminate (3 laminated layers) carry a 50 year warranty and up to a 130 mph wind rating. 

Here are some pictures and a slide show of tri-laminate shingles by GAF. Some of them are Grand Canyon and others are Grand Sequoia. 

Roofers Tacoma

Just a few photos to get you dreaming about your next roof in Tacoma!

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Why Metal Roofing Is A Good Choice For Tacoma WA

Metal Roofing In Tacoma WA

Roofers Tacoma Wa
Homeowners are always curious about metal roofing in Tacoma Wa. Everyone thinks its a great idea, they like the look and especially the thought of not having to re-roof again for 50+ years. Unfortunately most people see the price tag and then immediately think its not worth it.

The Price Of Metal Roofing In Tacoma WA

A good average price for a composition roof in Tacoma WA is around $350-500 dollars per sq. That is for a 1 layer tear-off on a roof with slope that is walk-able with an architectural laminate shingle. A metal roof can range from $600-$900 per square depending on pitch and the type of material you select.

Lets apply that equation to a 25 square job or 2,500 square feet of roofing, which is the average size of a roof. For a composition roof of that size with the above mentioned conditions you are looking at paying $8,750-12,000. For a metal roof the price range will be from $15,000-22,500. That's where most people write off a metal roof in Tacoma.

Roof Life And Frequency Of Roof Replacement

There is another factor in this equation that most people do not consider. Most architectural laminate roofs last 17-23 years depending on how well they are maintained. A new metal roof lasts 50+ years. If you plan on living in your home and keeping it in the family you will replace a composition roof 3 times before having to do anything with your metal roof. Now your job costs looks a little different doesn't it. In a 50 year span you are now looking at $27,000-36,000 for your laminate shingles and the hassle of replacing your roof numerous times.

A new metal roof in Tacoma is a great investment into your home which raises its value and can lower your insurance rates. If you are interested in a new metal roof call 253-445-8950. Chase Construction North West, Inc has been providing certified quality roofing services in Tacoma for 12 years with 20+ years of experience.

For more information about metal roofing visit our metal roofing information on our website.

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Best Roofing Shingles For Tacoma Wa

What Are The Best Roofing Shingles For Tacoma, WA 

There are many types of roofing shingles and manufacturers to choose from. Everybody seems to have their pitch as to why their shingle is the best and or why they install a specific type of shingle in Tacoma. I would like to present a case for what I believe is the best roofing shingle based on recent technological advancements and industry leadership. This is my opinion as a Tacoma roofing contractor with over 20 years of experience. For a free estimate or more information call today at 253-445-8950. 

My Case For GAF Timberline HD Roofing Shingles

I want to preface my following support for GAF roofing shingles by saying I do install other shingles when requested by the home owner. In the past I have used one manufacturer or the other for seasons so I have a pretty wide base of experience with just about every type of roofing shingle out there. My company was an ELK "Peak Performance" roofing contractor before the merger with GAF. My decision to make a heavy commitment to the GAF roofing corporation is based on a change they made to their shingle and warranties in 2011. Here are the facts that set their shingles apart in a nutshell: 

1) They released the first ever limited lifetime roofing shingle into the market.

2) They were the first to offer the 50 year limited warranty on their architectural laminate shingles based on the advances mat technology and extensive testing their shingles underwent.

3) After the extreme shingle testing their shingles passed all of the underwriters laboratory's greatest testing method proving their new shingle to be the best on the market and worthy of the 50 year warranty. 

4) Other roofing manufacturers offer limited lifetime shingles based only on the fact that they had to be able to keep up with the Jones's so to speak. They made no changes to their mat to justify the extended warranties. 

5) GAF offers the best system warranties on the market when installed by a certified contractor or Master Elite contractor. The Golden Pledge warranty offers 100% coverage on ALL roofing components for 50 years,  25 year manufacturer backed labor and workmanship coverage, all dump fees, tear-off fees and is transferable to the next owner 1 time for free! 

6) GAF/ELK has been in the roofing manufacturing business for 125 years and is the largest manufacturer in America. 

7) Their contractor programs are very selective. For instance there are only 15 GAF Master Elite contractors in Washington that can offer the Golden Pledge warranty. Master Elite contractors have gone through stringent approval regulations and testing to qualify making them a very safe choice for a Tacoma Roofing Contractor. 

GAF Extreme Shingle Testing Video

Hire The Best Tacoma Roofer Today!

With the combination of the only true limited lifetime shingles, the long history of leadership in the roofing industry and having the best roofing contractors vying for a spot on the Master Elite contractor team you cant go wrong with GAF. 

Chase Construction North West, Inc is a GAF Master Elite Contractor and a Tacoma Roofer. We specialize in all types of roofing applications for both steep and low slope, commercial and residential roofing. 

Call us today for a free no obligation estimate at 253-445-8950 or visit our online estimate request form. We  will contact you shortly!

Check out some recent projects as premium Tacoma Roofers!

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